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WWII British Commando Skeleton Assault Vest (Bren Bandolier 1st Pattern)

This is our reproduction of the 1st pattern supplementary bandolier used by commando troops and other units on and around D-day. This item which is also sometimes known as the skeleton assault vest was produced for the sole purpose of carrying extra Bren gun magazines. Our latest reproduction version of this garment is base on the first pattern model produced by the Mills equipment Company (MECo) which was first introduced around about 1942. Our reproduction is made of 15 oz mid-chocolate brown cotton canvas, with original webbing straps and buckles, our new version also has the wider 1 inch cotton binding as used by Mills, in a nice Khaki shade, the jacket is stitched using the original weight thread on the correct period Heavy Duty Singer Industrial Sewing Machine. All new production is marked Harrison Equipment Company (HECo 1942) so that the markings are more in keeping with the original. We have also resized our replica from an original one to allow for the size and shape of modern re-enactors, and the Bandolier is available in 3 different sizes, and as of late 2011 the two most popular sizes of Large and Extra large are will be available form stock when work commitments allow, with the Medium sized jacket being made to special order ONLY.

The manufacture these in the following SIZES;

  1. Medium(*) 32 - 36 inches
  2. Large 36- 38 inches
  3. Extra Large 38- 42 inches

(*)Our Medium sized vest is equivalent to the original WW2 large size, All Bren Skeleton Assault Vest are currently made to Order due to other production commitments, plus I normally hold a reserve stock for show orders and sales.

As Featured On Page 30 Of Issue No 332 of Militaria magazine**

(**Please note this item is accredited to Mark Simms but this is actually the above product, we don’t supply or act on behalf of that company or any associated with it)

£50.00 (All Sizes)

WWII 1942 Pattern Commando Battle Jerkin (D-Day Assault Vest, Early Type)

This is a reproduction of the now famous British Battle jerkin invented Colonel Rivers McPherson. The garment was based upon an idea of making a jacket to carry soldier’s equipment instead of having to have a set of webbing to perform this job. The jacket itself model upon the type used by poachers and game keepers in Scotland before WWII. Our reproduction is based on many different reference sources including an original example which I had in my own private collection, plus many years of additional research, which means that the example we now offer is based on the earlier style production garment as per the example held in I.W.M.'s reserve collection. The reproduction Battle jerkin we offer is made form 15 oz vat dyed mid-chocolate brown duck cotton canvas which is 100% cotton. All the toggles are made specially to match the original design and all webbing straps, and buckles used are of genuine wartime manufacture when available. We've now started to use a larger 2-½ inch size wooden toggle, as these are closer to the originals., and this item is made using the correct WW2 Industrial sewing machines, using the right weight thread in the correct colour shade (which by the way is not White! ) the finished items has a dry weight of 2-3/4 to 3Lbs.  All stencils are ink based and not done with a can of spray paint like some repros, the internal Khaki lining is plain weave 10oz cotton light canvas. This items is made using over forty separate patterns and the machining (sewing) time alone take one full week.  All new production is marked Harrison Equipment Company (HECo 1942) so that the markings are more in keeping with the original.

LARGE 38- 42 inches (*)

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: this item will be made as a special order for you on receipt of payment, so please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery (depending on World location, and our other current production commitments) and there is no refunds on this item! (*) As to resizing please bare in mind that this items has over forty templates and patterns which are required to make this in exactly the same way every time, and thus making it a little bigger due to your waist size is not just a simple as adding in a bit of extra canvas here and there as all the pockets etc have to be readjusted so as there positions remain correct!

As Featured On Page 30 Of Issue No 332 of Militaria Magazine

£300.00 (Made to Order)


WWII British Sten Canvas Hand Guard (Second Pattern)

This is a reproduction of the canvas protective hand guard (Second pattern) used with the Mk2S and later Mk5S (Mk VI) Sten guns. These's models were fitted with a silencer for special operations, and were supplied with a protective canvas cover to prevent the operators hand being burnt during the use of the weapon, this cover was produce both in Khaki and later Brown 14-16oz canvas, of the same type as used in the manufacture of the Battle jerkin. The original cover was placed over a Asbestos cord wrapping which was bound around the silencers outer jacket. We supply these in ether Dark Chocolate Brown or a Sandy Khaki shade. Please note this is designed to be used with the army pattern silencer unit which is the same diameter as the rest of the gun, the S.O.E. model is quite a lot larger in size. The kit is now comes with the protective cord wrapping to go around the silencer body. The unlike the original cord my one is asbestos free! The kit does not include the silencer yet but i'm working on that. So for now its just the cover, the jute lacing and the cording. 

Khaki(1942-1944) Most MkIIS Sten Guns

Chocolate Brown (1943-1958) Some Mk IIS Sten Guns all Mk VS and MK VI Models

£20.00 (Each)